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Auteur : Ida Koncani Uhač

Arheološkom muzeju Istre
Carrara Street 3
52100 Pula (CROATIE)
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Dr Ida Koncani Uhač is a senior curator – underwater archaeologist in the Archaeological Museum of Istria and the Head of its Underwater Archaeology Collection which deal with underwater cultural heritage in Istria region in Croatia.

During her professional career as a curator in the Roman Period Collection of the Museum she participated and leaded numerous protective archaeological research as well as the research of the old historical core of Fažana settlement.

She participated and leaded several international research projects in the field of maritime and nautical archeology in Istria. One of the most recognizable was the research and protection of the prehistoric sewn boat in the Zambratija Cove.

She is currently leading the project for conservation and restoration of the two Roman sewn ships from Pula.

accès au livre Adriatlas 3. Recherches pluridisciplinaires récentes sur les amphores nord-adriatiques à l'époque romaine
The Pax Romana, instituted during the period of the emperor Augustus, was the primarily condition for both general societal progress and economic production. The individuals who were mainly involved in economic production and commerce, most often belonged to the senatorial and equestrian classes and also maintained control over the production of amphorae.
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