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Auteur : Aaron Greener

The Zinman Institute of Archaeology,
University of Haifa.
199 Aba-Hushi Avenue,
Israel 3498838

Dr. Aaron Greener is a Research Fellow at the Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa, where he previously was a post-doctoral fellow at the Laboratory for  Ancient Food Processing Technologies (LAFPT). Aaron received his PhD from Bar-Ilan University, and researches various aspects of Bronze and Iron Age archaeology in the Southern Levant. He specializes – among other things – in imported Mycenaean and Cypriot pottery during the Late Bronze, Ground-Stone Tools at domestic and industrial sites, especially from the Timna copper production site in the ‘Arabah Valley in southern Israel.


  • Greener, A., Finkelstein, I. and Langgut, D. 2020. Settlement Oscillations along the Desert Fringes of the Southern Levant: Impact of Climate versus Economic and Historical Factors. Ugarit-Forschungen 49 (2018): 165-196.
  • Greener. A. 2019. Archaeology and Religion in Late Bronze Age Canaan. Religions 10(4).
  • Greener, A. and Ben-Yosef, E. 2016.The Ground Stone Assemblage of a Metal Workers Community: An Unexplored Dimension of Iron Age CopperProduction at Timna, Journal of Lithic Studies 3(3): 191-220.
  • Greener, A. 2012. The Symbolic and Social Meanings of the Intermediate Bronze Age Copper Daggers. Palestine Exploration Quarterly 143.1:32-45.

Aaron Greener, The Characteristics of the Terracotta Figurines from the Temple Mount Soil, mai 2020 (©Temple Mount Sifting Project – פרויקט הסינון).

Mots clés
Archaeology, Southern Levant, Iron and Bronze Ages, Mortuary, Social Archaeology, Ground-Stone Tools

Hundreds of querns and mills have been recovered and recorded from all stratigraphic phases at the site Tel Zayit (1999-2011) during the nine excavation seasons.
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