Auteur : Miguel Ángel Lechuga Chica

University of Jaén.
Edif. C-6. Dep. 218.
Campus Las Lagunillas s/n. E-23071 Jaén

nuage de mots Lechuga
Miguel Ángel Lechuga Chica is postdoctoral researcher at the University Institute of Research in Iberian Archeology of the University of Jaén.
  • Evidence for the earliest use of Roman artillery in Spain: the siege of iliturgi (206 bc). DOI: 10.12795/spal.2021.i30.21
  • The ‘Maquiz Bronzes’. New proposals for their contextualisation within the historical process of IliturgiDOI: 10.5209/cmpl.72486
  • Ianus Augustus, Caput Viae (Mengíbar, Spain): An interprovincial monumental border in Roman Hispania. DOI: 10.1017/s1047759421000283
For more than a decade, the University Research Institute for Iberian Archaeology at the University of Jaén has been developing a line of research focused on the study of conflict scenarios related to the Second Punic War.
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